The Infamous Home Remodel

And so it begins.

If you’re following our house remodel, here’s the very beginning. Let me start off by saying that we never even planned to remodel. We actually bought two pieces of land and were going to build. But ya’ll, picking out a house plan is like finding a pair of jeans that makes your butt look good. It’s nearly impossible, and outrageously expensive. We sold the land and started looking at houses. Nothing was great, but we found a few houses that worked. But every single deal fell through. All of a sudden, right before our honeymoon, we found what seemed to be the perfect house. All brick, full basement, and on 2 acres in the city limits. It needed a LOT of cleaning up, but it was a steal. We made an offer before jetting off to the islands, but didn’t have an answer. In the middle of our honeymoon, we got the call that it was ours. And so began the cleaning….

Have you ever watched Hoarders? Imagine the worst house you’ve seen on there and times that by about ten thousand. Did I mention I agree to buy the house site unseen? That’s because I couldn’t crawl over the piles of crap to see the house. I’m not exaggerating, as you’ll see later.

I wish I had better before pictures. I used to drive by this house almost daily and didn’t even realize there was a house there. Just for cleanup, we had to remove 5 cars. 4 fridges, 3 washers, 2 dryers. 6 30-yard dumpsters of crap, and enough golf balls to fill a football field. It took several weeks for cleanup and yard work, but eventually we went from this…FullSizeRender

To this….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can actually see the house now, and the lot it sits on. It’s so pretty. Stay tuned to see what’s next. If you think this was a mess, just wait until you see the basement….




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