The Infamous Home Remodel

Cleaning Out The Hoarders Horror

I’m a bit behind, so expect lots of posts in the coming week. The upstairs of this house was bad, but we hired someone to do it. It took over a month before it was done and I’m not patient. Silly me decided I would do the basement to speed things up. Reasons why this was a bad idea:

  1. The smell was awful. Like, curl your toes, run away and hide, cut off your nose awful.
  2. It was impossible to move some things by myself.
  3. It’s worth every penny to hire a crew.

About a third of the way through this, we hired some people and I stupid-vised. I cannot stress enough how much I advise this. It took 4 trash hoppers to clean out a basement full of horrors, including 3 fridges, 2 washers, 1 dryer, 10,000 golf balls (no, I’m not kidding), 4 pairs of skis and a partridge in a pear tree. But, turns out there actually is a basement down there!

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