How To: Make a Joanna Gaines Sign for $6 Plus a FREE Cut File

Hey ya’ll! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted. So, we’ve been working like crazy on the house, but as usual, I’m already dreaming of home decor. I saw this sign a few weeks ago on the Magnolia website…



I’m slightly obsessed with it, but there was NO WAY I was gonna pay $50+ for it. That’s not happening. So, out comes the crafty side. As most of you know, my husband builds cabinets for a living, so I simply stole a piece of his wood. I had him cut it into a 20″x24″ piece. If you want to purchase it, I believe it’s cabinet grade MDF. Then I ran off to Michael’s for chalk paint. I usually have a coupon, which makes like easier. Here’s the chalk paint I always use:



I also recommend a little mini roller. They’re usually on the same aisle as the paint You’ll need white and black paint.

So, first step is to cut out the decal on your cutter. If you don’t have one and still want to DIY it, I sell the decal here. If you have a cutter, here is the SVG and studio file. Start by painting the entire sign white. Then, once it’s dry, place the decal down. I then paint a very thin layer of white paint over the decal. Your sign should look something like this.


Once that dries, paint the black over it. Make sure to give it a good coat, so no white is showing through. Then, start peeling! A sharp tool will help, but peel off the decal while the black paint is still kinda wet. And voila! You now have this:




Add a hanger to the back and you are done! It’s that easy. Be sure to comment if you try it out or if you need tips. Happy crafting!






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