Hi! I’m Megan and I’ll be your captain today. I’m married to Terry, and we have two beautiful girls-A&M. I started this blog when we bought a fixer upper, and I use that term with caution. I’m pretty sure a dumpster looks about the same as it did. Now I post about our house, DIY projects, and home decor. This is still new to me, so hang with me and enjoy! I have just a few rules here:

  1. This is a safe space and I won’t tolerate any language or rude comments. I cuss like a sailor, but its not for everyone so I won’t have it here. And if you want to be a mean girl, go back to high school.
  2. For safety’s sake, my girls are A&M. I won’t post their names or personal info here. If you know me in real life, I’d appreciate it if you would do the same.
  3. Have fun! Ask questions. I do this because I like it.

Hope you enjoy!

-Meg and T